Investment Philosophy  
Investment Characteristics  
Words We Live By  


I) Opportunistic Value:
Identify investments where a material disconnect exists between a conservative estimation of the fundamental or intrinsic value of an asset and its prevailing price
II) Practice Is Rewarded:
Success or failure hinges on the deals that you do, not the ones that you do not do
III) Turn a Special Situation into a Special Occasion:
Ability to invest across the capital structure can facilitate the acquisition of a compelling business at an attractive valuation
IV) Mile Wide, Mile Deep:
Far reaching identification process followed by comprehensive in-depth diligence
V) Multiple Ways To Win:
Surprises happen, ensure that multiple levers to value creation exist
VI) Plan For The Worst:
Mitigate risk through comprehensive diligence, valuation and structure
VII) Partner with Experts:
Review, develop and execute on investment thesis together with industry veterans that maintain an active rolodex/network
VIII) Know Our Edge:
Look to identify and establish a competitive advantage in every transaction
IX) Know When to Walk:
If the investment thesis cracks and can not be properly mitigated, pass on the transaction regardless of time and money invested
X) Employees Drive the Business:
Develop mutual trust with management and incentivize all employees properly
XI) Management Focus:
Keep the management team focused on the few vital objectives
XII) Remain Mindful:
Never become complacent and always manage for the long-term


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